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advice on ordering an instrument

It is our aim that all our customers should be satisfied with their instruments, therefore not only do we offer the following after sales service but we are also pleased to discuss with you in person any problems you may have with your instrument. You can telephone us on the number below (please remember we work on GMT) or click on the button to send us an E-mail

Especially in the case of recorders the voicing or tuning may change slightly during the playing in period. We therefore undertake to re-voice or tune an instrument free of charge during the first six months after purchase

It is in the nature of wooden instruments that after years of use they suffer some distortion due to continued exposure to moisture from players' breath or they become clogged with oil, dust, fluff and an incredible amount of indescribeable "stuff".

We therefore offer a service to owners of instruments which includes the following where required

- Check and adjust voicing
- Check and adjust tuning
- Re-reaming of the bore
- Clean, polish and Oil
This service costs £80.00 (+ postage which will be quoted at the time) any other repairs or alterations will be notified and quoted for before work is commenced.

Trade in offers

I do not purchase or take in part exchange other makers instruments. If, however, you have one of my instruments I will be glad to make an offer to buy it back or take it in part exchange for another instrument of your choosing. Don't forget that the dreaded scourge of inflation may well work in your favour for once. An older imstrument, once serviced, can be sold on at a price related to todays catalogue and so my offer could be better than you expect.

To ensure the safety of your instrument when posting to us for servicing use very robust packaging and insured post.

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advice on ordering an instrument

Phil and Claire Bleazey
At The Old Furness Street Stables

Tel:- 0044 (0)1524 849085

Last Updated November 2015