servicing the moving parts of your flute the effects of timber choice on your instrument

I like to get to know my customers a little, to be sure they are getting the instrument they want. Please use the e-mail button or telephone me on the number below to chat about what you need, to get any advice on your choice and to find out if your instrument is in stock or if I will have to make it for you and if so how long it will take.

Mail Order
I am pleased to supply instruments by mail order. I insist on payment for instruments before despatch. In return I offer the following: If within 14 days of receipt of your instrument you are not happy with it for any reason, even if you have just changed your mind, please return it in original condition for exchange or a refund of the full purchase price.

Postage within U.K. is included in our prices


We supply musicians all over the world and may charge the difference in cost between UK postage destinations and yours.
Prices are all in £ Sterling and Pay Pal or your bank will advise on charges; the following link will help with currency exchange rates.

We do not take deposits unless you order something which is unique to you, nor do we require payment till your instrument is complete and ready to send out. You can change your mind at any time, just mail or phone to let me know.


This button will take you to the Pay Pal site which will enable you to pay securely with your credit/debit card even if you do not have a Pay Pal account

I insist on payment before delivering an instrument; this is not for entirely mercenary reasons:-

For some years now, I have visited old friends in Essex and on a Sunday evening it has been our habit to go to a small, local, friendly folk club. During a recent visit one of the regulars was much taken with the sound of a whistle I was playing and asked if I had any with me, for sale. I only had the one I was playing which was a recently serviced second hand one but I said he could have it, for less than half the new price. He had no money on him and promised to pay next time he saw me, which I took on face value and left him with the instrument. I have never seen him since and now I live in Lancaster, I only go down to Essex rarely. I have passed on my contact details several times and I am not hard to locate if you Google my name, which is clearly marked on the instrument - my conclusion is obvious.

Now, I am not the sort of person to react well if I meet the man again and nor am I the sort of person to create a scene in a club, the result is that I now don't feel I can visit the club again. I am not a shop keeper, I regard all my customers as friends and like to keep it that way, so, for the benefit of all and my social life - please bear with me.


Phil and Claire Bleazey
At The Old Furness Street Stables

Tel:- 0044 (0)1524 849085

Last Updated November 2022