servicing the moving parts of your flute the effects of timber choice on your instrument


Below are some samples of music played on our instruments.

Thanks go to Richard Goodwin for playing the first three tunes.

Galway Bay Played on whistle.
Planxty Irwin Played on medieval recorder.
Sliabh Russel Played on tuneable flute

great entertainment by Daniel Geurin who, by the way played at our wedding celebrations in France
More reviews by Phil Hardy and Tony Hinnegan - Scroll down the PRO-FILES to Phil plays Phi -l Oh, and Take a look at the rest of Phil's site while you are there.
Slow airs on Low D by Phill van Leersum

The sparrows tale composed and played on G flute by Gian Marco Pietrasanta and his cat,
who probably ate the sparrow in the tale

Medieval descant recorder played by Dominique Habellion

Wolfy Green plays Cutting Braken on a C Whistle


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Last Updated November 2022