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Morgan three wheeler

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Since May 2016 I have been working to rectify faults in the transmission / drive train of the new Morgan three wheeler. The subject of my research has been a 2013 model, purchased by me in 2015. The machine had been fitted with the Centa flexible coupling and the NVH kit from the factory.

The faults were, from the start, an inability to pull away without increasing engine speed to 2,700 rpm. without lurching and banging from the transmission and an inability to pull away in any gear but 1st. Later, a loud bang and jerk developed when accelerating hard, especially when carrying a passenger. Throughout, the machine has vibrated excessively, most noticeably when accelerating through 3,000 rpm.

The result of my work is a vehicle which will pull away in any of the first three gears, without an excessive rise in engine speed and without any jerking or banging noises. The loud banging on acceleration has stopped completely. The vibration is much reduced and there is no need to avoid certain engine speeds to maintain a comfortable ride. The high torque developed by the engine which was the cause of much of the trouble is now available for use and the true character of the V twin engine is now evident when driving.

Here follows a description of my drive train upgrade kit. All prototype work is now finished and the prototype components have been rigorously tested for 5,000 road miles including high speed motorway driving, country roads and urban environments. A pre production kit is under construction and will be fitted to an unmodified vehicle in the coming weeks, should there be any bugs these will be eliminated prior to commencement of production.

The development process has led me to offer only COMPLETE KITS . The shock absorber inserts will convert engine torque spikes into vibration due to the nature of the factory bevel box mountings and therefore should not be fitted in isolation. I believe that the lack of support for the intermediate shaft will bring about vibration and early failure of the bearing at the clutch end of the shaft; my kit comes with a front end bearing which will prevent this. I will not accept responsibility for such failure, especially if the front end bearing is not installed at the same time as the modified shock absorber inserts and bevel box mountings. If you wish to do a part installation the you must start with the bevel box mounting kit. This will result in less vibration and will eliminate the hard banging and jerking on hard acceleration. The Centa coupling inserts complete with the forward shaft support bearing can be fitted later

For the foreseeable future spare parts will be available to owners of vehicles which have one of my kits installed and are registered with me at the time of purchase. Spares will, of course, be available for the vehicle should you sell it on.

The P.G.Bleazey drive train upgrade kit uses inserts, in the Centa coupling, of modified shape to reduce the free play. The shock absorption is achieved by distortion of the inserts, not by rolling action. The amount of distortion can be controlled by changing the shape of cut outs in the inserts and also by changing the hardness of the polyurethane material from which they are made. The ones used in my kits are true prisms and do not allow for misalignment, this function is not needed in the Morgan three wheeler application. Please be aware that the inserts in a Centa coupling are consumable - like tyres and brake pads- they have to be replaced at regular intervals. My non rolling inserts are designed with longevity in mind and I hope they will outlast any other alternative but in common with all the available alternatives, they are not immortal.

The upgrade kit contains an extension for the shaft which supports the centre rotor in the Centa coupling, this extension runs in a plain bearing. The bearing is mounted in a carrier which fits within the Centa coupling outer rotor. The intermediate shaft is thus supported at both ends which creates a much more rigid, true running, unit.

The kit also comes with a complete set of bevel box mountings. There are three of them which satisfactorily secure the bevel box in all of the twelve planes / axes of movement. The bevel box mounts are clamped to the chassis to enable fitting without the need for welding and they avoid the need to grind away the residue of the old, original, rigid bevel box mounts. Neither welding nor grinding are desirable in close proximity to petrol pipes! The mountings for the bevel box are isolated from the chassis with polyurethane linings in all of the fixing clamps to reduce the transmission of bevel box noise to the chassis.

The kit can be installed by any competent motor mechanic, professional or experienced amateur. It comes with a full installation manual on USB micro chip memory. I am also available, within the limits of my daily life, to give advice via e-mail or telephone to anyone with installation problems. To the best of my ability I promise to provide technical backup to customers.

The P.G.Bleazey drive train upgrade kit comes complete with a lifting bracket for attachment to the engine and all the necessary nuts bolts and other fixings for installation.

The kit does not require any alteration of the vehicle components and can be removed and replaced by the original equipment, not that I can foresee anyone wanting to do this but it may bring peace of mind to the sceptical.

The P.G.Bleazey drive train upgrade kit can be described for insurance purposes as not being performance enhancing but merely comfort enhancing.

Lugging the motor - an expression used by S&S and something to be avoided. The reason for this is not too clear without some research but I can give the following advice. Loading the engine up at low Revs. causes the pistons to be pushed to one side of the bore, this may be due to short piston skirt length. The result is over consumption of oil and all the problems which accompany this. In a recent 1500 mile road test I utilised the ability to accelerate hard at low revs. - very satisfying it is too - nothing quite as satisfying as hearing the rear tyre break away at every firing stroke! However - the cost was 2.5 litres of oil lost in 1,000 miles which will bring disaster if one continues driving in this fashion. The P.G.Bleazey drive train upgrade kit will allow you to do this but it is imperative that if you use low rpm, for example, in dense traffic, you only employ small throttle openings till the revs. rise above 2,500 rpm. Alternatively just change down a gear to get the revs up but DON'T just push the pedal to the floor at low engine speeds!


I reserve the right to charge for alterations to the components in the kit if your machine is different from the standard model which has been the basis for my work

To register your interest in a kit, with no obligation, please click on the E-mail link below and e-mail your name, country of residence and the year of manufacture of your vehicle. Any comments or questions will be most welcome at the same time. I will compile a list of frequently asked questions as time allows.

My work has been published and I have no objection to individuals learning from my work in order to enhance their own knowledge or to make modifications to their own machines. Please, however, be warned that protection has been put in place to safeguard the intellectual property stemming from the research and development of the P.G.Bleazey drive train kit. It is a criminal offence to copy a registered design. Any person or organisation found to be copying or using my work for commercial gain will be pursued strenuously till they cease this activity and where appropriate, for compensation.

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